The MuggeSpray
An innovative fly spray and insect repellent spray

As a young and innovative company, we burn for exciting products with imaginative and unique combinations of valuable ingredients and rich ingredients.

We love strong and intense fragrances, which we basically produce from ingredients that are as natural as possible. In doing so, we deliberately orient ourselves towards spirited and pleasant fragrances that each of you knows and has learned to love from your everyday life.

Don't you just love a wonderfully fragrant vinaigrette on your salad ? Or the wonderfully refreshing squeeze of lemon on your iced drink ?

And why not use these wonderful scents that these wonderful natural products offer us and let them persist in everyday products - instead of suppressing or replacing them with harsh chemical scents ?

Our products are the result of pure passion and lots of nature. The scent ? Anything but chemical!

Give it a try - we look forward to hearing what you think!

Thomas Kranz

New season - New products - New name

We have greatly expanded our product portfolio in recent months.

name of the "MuggeSpray" has therefore
changed to "Von SonnenHelden" for the 2019 season.

However, the successful recipe remains 1 to 1!

The Muggespray
The 2020 product line

The Muggespray CLASSIC

  • Sensational price-performance ratio
  • Contains nourishing black cumin oil
  • Contains valuable and fragrant essential oils
  • Contains powerful vegetable extracts
  • High-quality raw materials, some even in organic quality
  • ADMR-compliant - for purely external application
  • NEW: On request in the specially against braking reinforced PLUS+version

NEW: The Mugglespray LEMON HERO

  • Wonderfully intense lemony fragrance
  • Sensational market launch price
  • ADMR-compliant - for purely external application
  • NEW: With soothing magnesium oilon request